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When should I expect my tracking information to appear?
Please allow approximately 1-2 business days from the date you placed the order for information to be updated on this website.
When should I expect delivery?
It normally takes 10-14 business days for delivery and sometimes up to three weeks for delivery outside the U.S. Hopefully it will not be delayed by Postal Service. The package will be in a black envelope and will probably fit into your mailbox.
Can I specify a delivery time?
We do not influence the time of day that the Postal Service delivers your mail. You should expect that your local Postal Carrier will deliver your package at the time that they normally make deliveries in your area.
What if I have additional questions?
We are happy to answer any additional tracking questions you may have. If you have a question or issue with your package, please contact us or email us at help@nikolavalenti.com
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